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Castlebet is the leading online betting company...

Our roots and amazing growth story began in the United Kingdom, but as a British operator we have a global outlook and have now embraced the rise of the African continent by setting up a regional Headquarters in Lusaka, Zambia.

We offer our valued players an unparalleled range of 30,000+ live matches per month. Our history began in North London, England in 2001 when we opened our first high-tech sports betting outlet for high-rolling gamblers. However, the company soon outgrew its modest roots and later expanded into offering telephone betting hedging services to professional gamblers and VIP customers in an era before internet betting took off. Embracing the online revolution, the company first began exploring its global ambitions by offering online services on the African continent in 2013.

Today the company has quickly grown to become the leading online bookmaker in the Sub-Saharan African country of Zambia. Our Headquarters is in the Central Business District of Lusaka, Zambia close to the main streets of Cairo Road and Freedom Way.

Castlebet is a fully licensed bookmaker by the Betting Control & Licensing Board of Zambia.

How we are different?

Castlebet is truly the “delicatessen” of bookmakers. Exclusive, discrete, personalised, high-quality sports betting in an industry run by amateurs. We pride ourselves on our first-class team and all your calls will be answered by experienced traders. As well as offering the highest quality sports betting service in the world, we also accommodate some of the largest bets struck in the industry.

Castlebet offers a string of permanent betting concessions and we regularly reward our clients for their loyalty; we open many accounts through word of mouth and are happy to incentivise any client looking to make introductions.

Our clients

Castlebet has a client list of tens of thousands from all over the world and continues to grow on its reputation of excellence, integrity and professionalism. Our commitment to laying the largest bets in the industry attracts some of the most serious high-stakers in the world.

Commitment and Promotions

Castlebet takes customer service extremely seriously and one of our experienced customer service representatives is always on hand to answer any queries you may have.

Trading License

Please find below our current Zambian Trading License issued by the Ministry of Finance, Lotteries and Betting Control Board