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CASTLEBET has done it again! We have crowned another KING of the castle Mr Francis Mwila all the way from the beautiful city of Chingola!!!

When CASTLEBET says #MWAI WAKO we mean it! It simply means "your luck" and Mr Mwila has a wonderful story to tell!

Our CASTLEBET king won k14,400 from a simple bet with only 3 GAMES each of the games made a total gold prediction and he only placed K10 STAKE!

Mr Mwila is a smart business man from Chingola and has been with Castlebet for over 2 weeks. He is registered on our CASTLEBETLITE platform where he placed his MEGA winning bet.

Our KING said the following about his recent payout.

"I could not believe what I was seeing when I looked at my CASTLEBET account! I placed a number of bets but the k10 one I was sure of winning. I believed it would go through. If I didn't expect it to win I would have cashed out when the first game went through, but now finally my two tickets won one with k750 and k14, 400! CASTLEBET NIMBAMA''.

"Really when I saw the guy that won k16,976 thought it was all lies till I opened an account and began betting, now am celebrating my winnings! My advice to everyone is, try and join Castlebet, they are VERY FAST when it comes to PAYING MONEY! They do not give any story or excuse!"

"I love castlebet because they have BIGGER ODDS than any other betting company and they give big BONUS on your betslip, this is why I got such a big amount of money from a small stake."

Mr Mwila could not hide his excitement and promised to tell everyone of his friends about the best Zambian online sports betting company CASTLEBET.

Less than a month ago we crowned Mr Musonda as king and today we have Mr Francis, tomorrow it could be you!

CASTLEBET has real people with real stories who become real winners. You could be next! Open your account today!