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MONGU Teacher WINS 40 PIN JACKPOT from just a K2 SPIN playing new CASTLEBET Slot Game ATLANTIS on her phone!

Castlebet Winner Sianga Ingutu, 48, celebrates her big win at Country Lodge in Mongu with two of her daughters.

Madam Sianga Ingutu cashed out a BIG K40,796.51 payout after logging onto her Castlebet online account and playing hot new Red Tiger slot game ATLANTIS on her smartphone.

First, the Lozi Secondary school teacher, aged 48 years, deposited only K100 via mobile money to her Castlebet wallet at the start of the evening to have some fun before she enjoyed her big win.

Next. she clicked on the “games” section of the Castlebet platform and chose “ATLANTIS” game to spin the reels and try her luck.

Finally, the Mum of four children pressed the “SPIN” button to play a round of the Atlantis game. 

As the wheels spun, Madam Ingutu expected it would be a spin like any other where she either would lose avery small amount, such as her K2 stake, or possibly win a reasonable amount like she had enjoyed many times before such as K50 or K100.

Instead, here eyes froze on the screen as she watched in amazement as the word “DAILY JACKPOT” appeared on the screen along with music playing. 

Slowly, Madam Ingutu realised she had won the massive sum of K40,796.51 which was now sitting in her Castlebet wallet ready for her to withdraw and spend!

Last night the big Castlebet winner revealed:  “As long as you are over 18 and you have a smartphone, you can win too!”

Madam Ingutu, a mother-of-four (three fabulous young girls and one boy) had been depositing and spinning slot reel game with Castlebet for more than one year before winning the jackpot.

She now plans to spend the money from her Castlebet payout on renovations and completing the fittings for her Mongu family home since the sad death of her late husband some 18 months ago.

The exciting new slot game which unlocked the huge payout for Madam Ingutu was designed by game provider Red Tiger and features on Castlebet.

The gaming platform Castlebet offer a wide range  daily jackpots that are randomly awarded every day to players placing spins on any Castlebet slot game designed by Red Tiger including VAULT OF Anubis and Zeus Lightning.


Madam Ingutu added: “I am a woman who is so, so strong with almost everything in life. I started this betting thing somewhere in 2018.

“I find that when I play mostly I get something from it like 1,000 or 2,000 but I have never won anything near this much before from a single spin.

The PROOF: Screenshot showing Madam Ingutu’s jackpot payout on her Castlebet account history.

WINNER Mrs Ingutu explained: “One of the things I like about Castlebet is their daily cashback service. 

She added: “What this means is that even if you have been unlucky and find yourself on the losing side, when you login to your account you find something there in cash which you can either withdraw if you want or choose to continue to play again.


The Mongu slots queen explained: ”The really good thing about Castlebet is their customer service is amazing. The girls in the Castlebet call centre team really helped me at the beginning when I was new to all this. They even called me back so I didn’t waste any talktime learning how to play the games!!

Last week Castlebet Marketing Queen Magret Kambikambi followed from Castlebet HQ in Kabulonga to Madam Ingutu’s home in Mongu, Western province to present her with her winning cheque, hand over the wad of cash and also enjoy a few drinks!

Madam Ingutu receives her cheque from Castlebet Marketing Queen Magret Kambikambi at Country lodge Mongu.

Marketing supremo Ms Kambikambi explained: “We followed Madam Ingutu in person to congratulate her and help her celebrate her win not because of the amount she won, (in excess of K40,000)

“No, we followed Madam Ingutu because of the skill she showed in winning this jackpot from such a small stake of just K2 and also to reinforce girl power as we were so proud of Madam Ingutu for showing the men how to do it! 

“Castlebet has seen other, often bigger, winners in the past, of course, such as Salim Nyoni from Kitwe and Beauty Zaza from Matero, but our other winners usually win their money on sports betting rather than slot games!

Last night Madam Ingutu was celebrating with her friends in Mongu, Western province.

Last night, during an in-depth interview, Madam Ingutu revealed more about how she hit the jackpot and collected the jaw-dropping sum of money.

She said: “The first thing I would advise is that slot games are very easy, basically anybody can do it; 

“With Castlebet it’s very straightforward, all you need is a phone that goes to the internet. The other good thing is the site doesn’t chew data.

“Just download the app or go straight to their website, join in 2 minutes, then choose “slot games” it’s clear and easy.

“If you don’t manage you should call their customer care, as far as I know they are the best, they will welcome you and help you step by step. The customer care when you ask them any question they will explain everything - and you don’t even have to use your talktime!

“They have about more payment and deposit methods than the other companies. You might find you have loans on your mobile money and cannot use it but they are flexible and will let you deposit cash or use another method like ban transfer.”

Castlebet: #MWAI WAKO!

Castlebet Marketing Queen Margret Kambikambi added: “We are thrilled to be able to celebrate giving this pile of money to Madam Ingutu. She proves that the Castlebet motto #MWAI WAKO! Is for real! She is an example to all gamers - especially women!

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Which game did Madam Ingutu win on? Madam Ingutu won playing a Slots Game on her mobile phone on the Castlebet platform. The game was designed by provider Red Tiger.

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