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Do you have a business idea but can not find the Capital to get the brilliant plan off the ground🙋🏽‍♀️?

If so Captain Castlebet is here to help!🦸🏽‍♂️

To find out more , kindly visit the Castlebet Facebook page, by clicking the link below

Find the Captain Castlebet section and post a reply explaining why YOUR business idea deserves Captain Castlebet’s help🙌🏽.

The Captain promises to read and consider carefully every request for help, even though he may not be able to reply in person to every appeal.

After 2 weeks 10 business ideas will be selected by CAPTAIN CASTLEBET. The selected proposals will be posted on the castlebet page.

The Castlebet page followers will select the top 3 business ideas that will be helped by CAPTAIN CASTLEBET.

Captain Castlebet Tips & Tricks:🤓

  • Remember, the Captain is here to help with ideas that need materials, tools to start a business.
  • He prefers NOT to hand out hard cash like political cadres!
  • Be careful when writing your appeals to explain clearly why your business genuinely deserves help.

And do not ask for too much as Captain Castlebet will bash anybody who is greedy!😠

Captain Castlebet is absolutely FREE to enter, and there is no need to have placed bets on Castlebet's website to be considered for a request.

However, you should have at least registered for an account on

Castlebet VIP


Castlebet Lite

and followed the Castlebet Facebook page for your business proposal to be accepted.