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What is eSports?
Also known as electronic sports, eSports is a form of sport competition using video games. Esports often takes the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players, individually or as teams. Players are graded based on performance and stand to win big money for winning and placing in events; for example, the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 attracted 20 million players and had a first prize of $250,000. Major gaming is fully professional and players get paid based on performance. It is heavily regulated. The odds supplied to the Bookmakers are based upon the player and team performance.

Are eSports tournaments regulated?
WSB only publishes odds on Esports that are regulated. We offer odds on the official FIFA 18, FIFA 20 and NBA2k tournaments. Although there are many more tournaments and games available, we refrain from offering odds on any games or tournaments that aren’t covered by an official sporting body (UEFA, FIFA etc). Players are independently selected to play for a team without any knowledge of the betting companies. We pay a fee, part of which goes to FIFA. FIFA have control of the contract as they own the rights and they ensure operators are secure.

What are the benefits to Sport?
FIFA generates large revenue from gaming. By 2018, the FIFA series had sold 260 million copies, making it the highest selling game of all-time. FIFA generates nearly $5 billion in revenue, part of which is gaming, and 81% of that goes to projects throughout the world, including youth development in many African countries. With TV rights under threat due to Covid-19, gaming and betting (or licensing) rights are currently vital for FIFA projects.

How long is a FIFA20 or FIFA18 match?
If you’ve played FIFA on a games console or PC, you’ll notice that the clock shows the typical 90 minutes of play as in a normal football match. But the clock moves at a much higher speed. The typical FIFA18/20 eSports match takes approximately 20 minutes. It’s played in 2 halves.
There are 8 minute tournament matches on offer as well. These will have "8 MIN" indicated in the title.

Where can I get more information and eSports results?
You can learn more about various eSport on the following links

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